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Team Katniss (aka Team Crackpot) presents ...


This, people, this is what happens in our team chat. SEE WHY YOU HAVE TO ALL BE AROUND MORE OFTEN?! I MEAN, SERIOUSLY, HOW AWESOME ARE WE?!

Uhm, anyway ... I would like to LOUDLY make clear THIS IS NOT THE CAST WE WANT! God no. If it were I think I would shoot myself. And I think you guys KNOW this isn't our cast but you never know what them crazy kids out there come up with :P

UHM - anyway. We had a laugh, so I hope you have, too :P

Angelina Jolie - hey, she looks like someone who hasn't had a proper meal in years.

Brad Pitt - He is ... blond? And he shags anorexic girl up there :P

Johnny Depp - if you have Brad Pitt, you need Johnny Depp. Fact of life.

Arnold Schwarzenegger - I don't even ...

Petty White - oooh, the weird Haymitch/Effy shipping possibilities! xD

Lindsey Lohan - Uhm, HALLO? Of course she'd do whatever is in her power to become a nurse/doctor. FREE DRUGS!

Ian McKellen - aww, bless. You can just see him lovin' the colourful flowers :P

Halle Berry - We all know she can wear a tight suit and jump all cat-like.

George Clooney - It's George Clooney. Him, pants-less? Don't tell me you wouldn't drool.

Jennifer Lopez - Annie is a "crazy girl" which means she spends a lot of time in hospital gowns - 'course the girl has a great ass!

Christian Bale - No one can yell like he can, eh? xD

Part of me wants to say "Please don't judge us" but mainly I feel like yelling "IF YOU'RE SCARED OF US NOW, JUST WAIT WHAT'S WAITING FOR YOU IN THE CHAT! IF THE CHAT IS TOO STRONG, YOU'RE TOO WEAK!"

Yeah, like I said ... don't judge us?
Tags: hell yeah team katniss, ilu team, spam post, we rule, you are all bamfs
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